bärenquelle brauerei // berlin

Oh, did I forget to mention I went to Berlin? Well, I did, and it was lovely and full of picnics and cheap Turkish food. Slightly less lovely is the apartment-hunting process, and by slightly less lovely I mean downright stressful. It's hard to write an interesting apartment application when you can't seem not to sound like a kindergartner in your newest foreign tongue, but at least I have the chance to rediscover Jason Mraz in the meantime and take cookie-and-instagram breaks. Wahhh so many people with pretty, permanent residences.

As far as abandoned East German breweries go, I'd say Bärenquelle is one of the coolest (by which I mean only) I've witnessed. Luckily for me I managed to catch the place free of meth cookers and crack addicts and with great lighting, so I got to pretend I'm actually a great photographer for an hour and escape the city life, which is always nice because there is so much singing out loud I suppress when walking down the street so as not to seem crazy that by the time I'm alone I'm usually bursting with songs.

Another perk is getting to feel totally badass as you throw your bag over the fence and slip through the bars. I'm like a fox.

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