home sweet no-longer-home

Before I leave this room forever and move to Berlin (that's happening on Saturday, folks), I figured I'd get some good pictures of it since it's so goshdarn photogenic. Or at least it was, before I started packing - now it's practically a war zone. I try not to have too much stuff but then I was too attached to my shoes. Fail.

The win for this week has been trying to get rid of my food stuffs - I've been (uncharacteristically) cooking up a storm. It's all Thai food and homemade popsicles and brigadeiro up in this joint and blurrrgh down in the very full tummy joint.

Le sigh because I shall miss this room, but new adventures await! I'm simultaneously excited and just kind of annoyed that I have to make all new friends again, because garsh I hate not being able to be anti-social at parties. Or attending parties at all, really, since I'm actually the introvert prototype. But I move into my new room on the 8th, and maybe I'll pop up to Hamburg in the meantime to kill time and because I hear there's pretty and sea up there.

So goodbye Mainz. Goodbye runs along the Rhein. Goodbye all the white wine and and nothing but Pils all the time.

P.S. For good measure I've thrown in a shot of our dishes too. Because they're so shiny.

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