Every time I go to put together a blog post I am hit by the shameful realization of just how long I have been neglecting this poor baby of mine. This is why I would be a terrible mother - I can't even keep the cacti alive.

Vienna was first and last stop on the 5-days-3-cities tour my friend Theo and I did back in ancient history June on a rather pricey whim but, we figured, we're young and have the time and can always eat (veggie) döners for the next month so why wait until we are old and have the money and no time or youthful energy whatsoever? But so is the nature of the modern career, amiright or what?

This was not my first time in Vienna - I waltzed (teehee) through here back in 2009, when I was still a stupid teenager who thought German was probably a totally easy language to learn. (To be fair, my brain was probably fresher and squishier and better at retaining all those 16-syllable words.)

But this jaunt through the Hapsburg capital did remind me why I used to dream of living there and still do - I can totally see myself growing old in ridiculously large fur coats and frittering away my last days in grand coffee houses delicately nibbling at a piece of Sachertorte with one of those delicate little forks before another evening at the opera. Vienna is a Paris that feels real.

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