While I'm on a trips-I-forgot-to-mention roll, Budapest! A beautiful city with delicious food, most of which seems to at least resemble if not be some sort of goulash. The success of 3-day jaunt through the city was largely thanks to our wonderful Brazilian CS host, who probably knew more about Budapest and its history than any random Hungarian you might pester for insider tips on the street. Free tour guide! Hooray! Why I keep going back to the network.

Meanwhile in Berlin, Isa enters her first week of grad school and somehow seems to be starting already behind. I've been crashing each afternoon after marathon study sessions at the library (and marathoning your brain is at least as exhausting as marathoning your legs) and feeding myself rather haphazardly with cafeteria food, cookies, and too many avocados, if there is such a thing. Also partying like a pro, I don't even think anyone's caught on to the fact that I'm an introvert yet.

Time management is key, I know, I'm just still trying to figure out how to manage it. But my schedule has graced me with semester-long long weekends, which means Amsterdam this weekend to visit the boy and lots of studying on the bus.

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