Last month I took an overnight bus to Amsterdam to spend a weekend with the boy, who was using all his vacation time to lounge around his old Erasmus haunts. For me this meant meeting a bunch of his Turkish Dutch doctor friends, who shared their Dutch gardens with us alongside gözleme and coal-brewed Turkish coffee. Lucky for us, the weather was perfect for walking around and eating Belgian waffle after stroopwaffel after Belgian waffle, and then perfect as well for collapsing indoors for a post-sugar high nap. In Berlin, fall has finally hit hard, or at least all the falling leaves seem to smack me in the face every time I get on my bike and the sun has suddenly decided on a new early bedtime. Meanwhile my brain is reeling with public management terms (someone please remind me what libertarian paternalism is again and is there a pill I can take that will help me remember responsive regulation) and sunny days in Amsterdam seem eons away.

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