Since I fell in love with a Turkish boy shortly after I fell in love with Turkey, Istanbul has become my second home. Since spring I've found myself flying there every few weeks for Turkish ice cream, coffee-ground fortunes, and of course quality time with the boo.

Said boo works, though, so I often find myself wandering the city on my own. With the tourist traps all out of the way, I've made it my mission to discover the city's cafes one cappuccino and çay and a time. So hello Brew Coffee Works, home to this lovely latte art lunch and the distinctly adorable interior featured in the second-to-last photo. It's a beautiful escape full of old-timey French music and light and right in the center, too. A perhaps slightly mediocre 3.5/5 for cappuccino deliciousness but the ambience more than makes up for it.

My previous trip to the city of terrifying taxi rides was golden for weather, so we spent lots of time on the Bosphorus drinking rosé and eating fancy food. Every now and then I think it's healthy to take a vacation that allows you to pretend you are a princess, or at least that's what I tell myself each time the check comes.

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