blue in Berlin

SKINNY JEANS Uniqlo Ultra-Stretch in Black) | SWEATER Aritzia |
STOLE Muji Large Wool Cape Stole in Navy Blue) |
BOOTIES Paul Green (similar here)

These photos were taken on Monday, in the few hours of relief following my Statistics exam, on one of the only days in weeks that we've seen sun here in Berlin. Even so, I had to turn up the brightness of these photos by 60% just to make it look like I took them outside. The utter lack of Vitamin D has gotten me down somewhat, and the fact that it's already dark as I write this mid-afternoon.

Consequently, as anyone under these conditions would, I feel the constant need to swaddle myself and snuggle in anything oversized and cosy I can, which is perhaps why I so intently hunted down a scarf large enough to act not only as a stylish scarf, but as a blanket, a superhero cape, and also probably a makeshift tent if I throw it over a low-hanging tree-branch. Also it is cosy as hell (seriously, sometimes it makes my neck sweat even when it's 1 degree outside. But it's only going to get worse from here - on Monday I fly back to NYC, where the winter temperatures are sometimes so sub-zero that zero has floated off and gotten lost in outer space somewhere).

photo credit: Freddy Rodriguez
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