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it's that time of year again... you know, the one where everyone is drunk for 5 days straight

Yes yes yes my already year-long experimental minimalist nail-style phase is still showing no signs of letting up, so voilà yet another engrossing self-portrait of my left hand. It seems like too much to hope for that it stand out among an entire interwebs-verse of hands, but do feel free to weigh in/ask questions/give it a shot yourself and tag #minimalistnails on instagram.

On the non-virtual front, I was struck by a terrible/wonderful epiphany this weekend (depending on your point of view): Carnival is most certainly not doable without beer (read: gluten). Which means that I need to wean myself back onto wheat ASAP, which means breakfast, lunch, & dinner beer from here on out. Luckily the weather is shiny and sunny and completely conducive to early-afternoon tipsiness, so starting the Mardi Gras festivities is certainly extracting no protests from me. Glutenfrei will just have to start again on the 5th, when I am too hungover to put anything, gluten-free or otherwise, in my mouth anyways.

The bad news is that I have no costume, and apparently it's like Halloween on crack here - all I've been told is that attending Carnival festivities costume-less is just WEIRD, but in a way that makes it very clear that I should really consider COSTUMING UP OR ELSE. (Maybe I can pull out these old tentacles and make them work for me somehow? All ideas appreciated.)

But the best news is that JENNIFER ARRIVES ON FRIDAY, which means PARTY LIKE IT'S FRESHMAN YEAR but slightly classier, of course, by which I mean full-on-trash-but-without-the-shame-because-we're-old-now-and-we-get-to-do-what-we-want, and more importantly PARTY LIKE IT'S NOLA because all my old college friends are heading down there for Mardi Gras and I've been feeling a little left out. Also king cake, homemade, and here's to not cleaning the kitchen for the whole weekend either.

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While I am certainly most guilty of neglecting this little corner of the internet, I've been keeping way on top of instagram. (I take pictures of my food when it is pretty! I am not ashamed!)

Looking through these photos, though, it seems so much has happened already since the new year! I've returned to January and gotten into a great new running stride (on Nike+? Be my friend!), I've kind of actually gotten a social life, I've been taking German classes (and producing some great doodles in them), and reading more than I have since maybe the 6th grade.

I guess the one thing I really haven't been doing is getting out and taking photos! I still have lots of thoughts & opinions, though, so maybe this will become my new brain-fart outlet. Thoughts?

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field trip: 2014 paris trade show trends

Hello, hello! Your French-ish correspondent here with some tidbits from the Paris scene.

Paris Fashion Week has ended, sadly, but the the trade shows followed at its heels, wrapping just this past Tuesday. Yours truly was on hand to scope out some of the trends that will be taking over the runways next season. And the word is.... (dun dun dun!!!):

TAILORED TRIBAL! (I just coined that, so respect the TM, y'all.)

I'm seeing this look referred to as "derelict chic" which 1) is ripped off from "Zoolander," and 2) is depressing. While, yes, this recursion does seem somewhat inspired by the lethargic economy and global climate issues (those enormous coats are so on), what I saw in the big hangars downtown was a melding of tradition and innovation.

So what, specifically, should we be looking for, you ask? I mean:

  • Big, chunky woven textiles and knits (à la the Sami people of Finland)
  • Metallic accents and statement necklaces (primitive bling, anyone?)
  • Tailo red separates in graphic, textured patterns 
  • For coats:
  • either structured shells in dramatic silhouettes,
  • or big, "Almost Famous" level (faux) fur. You are the Abominable Snow Princess.
  • Color palettes:
  • rustic jewel tones: the deepest tones you can get from plant sources (indigo, maroon, saffron)
  • all silver-gray everything (see A.S.P., above) aka Intergalactic Tailored Tribal
  • Sorry I don't have more photos for you. My press pass didn't extend to the iPhone. Here are some photos from around the web to explain.

    These days you can also catch me writing for Fashion Republic Magazine (clicky clicky) and doing some social media for their FB page. You'll like it; you'll really "like" it. ;)

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