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off again!

First off, let me apologize for the crappy photo quality, but my computer is currently out of commission so it's all iPhone from here.

But anyways, what you see here is me trying my hardest to learn conversational Turkish in an afternoon, which for some daft reason I always seem to think you can do with a language if you've got a few hours and a lot of determination. Then, of course, I arrive at the anticipated destination and stare blankly at anyone who asks me what my name is. I'm not entirely optimistic this time since as far as I can tell so far Turkish seems to be structured both inside-out and backwards, but maybe if I just string a bunch of related words together people will think it's adorable and not charge me the tourist price for everything? Or, you know, maybe they'll just stare blankly right back.

Realistically speaking I'll probably give up by the time I board the plane tomorrow, but for now it seems like a productive tactic for procrastinating on packing and cleaning. So merhaba and tuvalet nerede, and a very lovely Easter holiday to all of you!

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I probably should have mentioned that on our way back from Amsterdam we swung through Brussels for a few days. If there is anything I'd like to emphasize about Belgium, it's the beeeeeeeeeer. Living in Germany you'd think I've got top pick already, but oh no! The pickings are slim compared to the wide range this tiny, identity-confused nation offers. If I had to guess, there's probably no less than one brew for every 10 Belgians, and so if you've got a tongue that craves variety and fancy yourself a beer lover, this is the place for you.

Two weeks back in Wurstland and I actually miss it already, as the region of Germany I'm in seems to favor only Pils (bitter) and Hefeweizen (white beer - delicious, but gets old) and sometimes I'm thirsty for something other than same-old same-old. You can crap on the States all you want for our Miller Lite and PBR, but we do tend to have good pickings if you're willing to drop more than just bottom dollar and, ironically, it's one of the things I miss most about the homeland. Beer and, for some reason unbeknownst even to myself, Krispy Kreme. And affordable almond milk. And spicy Cheetos. And actually being able to afford clothing. And Mexican food. And the beautiful English language and its lack conjugations and poetically short words. Also the term "cray-cray".

And my friends, because honestly it gets lonely around here sometimes. I spend so much time with books they're starting to look like cats, so if my writing starts to degenerate into gibberish... but then again, maybe it already has.

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Happy Tuesday, readers who are left! Today's big news is that my computer has gone on the fritz, deciding to finally pursue that elusive career as a disco ball and flickering in and out of consciousness (if anyone knows how to fix this problem, please let me know). Luckily I had already uploaded the photos for this post and the roomie has a computer, but the rest... we'll see. I wonder if Germany taxes computer repairs as high as they tax computers...

Now that we've got the technical updates out of the way, I finally made it to Amsterdam! And, if I'm being honest, I was rather let down. I was lucky that my travel buddy had some friends with a boat and we got to spend a beautiful sunny day floating through the canals, and they certainly have a commendable bike culture, but other than the watery-streets thing and the constantly-side-stepping-fleets-of-cyclists thing I found the city far below my expectations. Although I'm actually pretty sure that this is just because everyone raves about it so much my expectations had reached an impossible high. So I guess the moral of the story is: please everyone stop talking about how awesome Amsterdam is, because it really makes it considerably less awesome. Although the stroopwaffes (85% stroop!) and peanut butter are a steal, so bonus points there.

Biking around Amsterdam, though: mandatory life experience, CHECK.

Summer is finally starting to make occasional appearances, which is especially great considering the circumstances because, really, who even needs a computer to keep occupied when there are so many picnics and €1 ice creams to be had? (Also, let's just take a moment to applaud Germany on its very affordable ice cream prices. I think it makes up for the expensive clothes.)

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