cañón del colca, perú

Next stop on my lonely, winding adventure was Colca Canyon, land of the llamas/alpacas/vicuñas/who knows which are what. The most famous part of this 4000+-meter deep canyon (that's more than twice the Grand Canyon, y'all) is the Cruz del Condor, where you can see some pretty badass birds put on a show. We were told they're pretty shy... but I'd say they were pretty show off-y. Anyways, don't take my word for it, but do make sure you don't make the mistake I did and sign up for the trekking tour if you wanted to go all the way down in there, because although our tour-guide team of Percy 1 and Percy 2 was highly entertaining, the hour and a half you spend in the actual canyon is not worth the hefty entrance fee even at the South American rate. But at least you should get to see lots of adorable fuzzy creatures, plus alpacas are totally one of those things the internet is obsessed with so it's probably good for your instagram.

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