Today seems as fitting a day as any to spit out a last-minute blog post on Argentina, my *third* culture, as today is my host brother's birthday. FELIZ CUMPLE FACUNDO si estás intentando leer esto :D

I guess it's clear at this point that vegetarianism went out the window as soon as I made it to my host family's house. They're hardcore Argentinian in the sense that when they eat meat (which they do every day), they go all out. (I've been very good since coming back to Germany though!)

Argentina and Argentinian culture is dear to my heart, even though I as an American am often not so dear to many Argentinians :P but my family and friends there make it a place I will always go back to, and that I will probably send my children back to too. It's a very passionate culture, and a very passionate people. I keep in touch by drinking mate every morning out of my own little gourd as seen above. My (American) mother thinks this is weird and that it tastes like dirt. I think it's the best alternative to coffee known to man, plus I like the taste of dirt I guess.

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