san pedro de atacama, chile

Holy crap I have so insufferably much to do it's questionable whether I should make time for a coffee, which of course means my instagram is suffering. But Friday we're throwing our first house party, complete with DJ and decorations. We've got some unfortunate (or perhaps fortunate?) couchsurfers on the spare mattress in the living room who certainly won't be getting any sleep, and I've just gotten ahold of yet another string of Christmas lights to make sure the party is extra sparkly, just like the Atacama sky at night.

Ahh, yes. Atacama is meant to be one of the gems of South America, but I found it to be a rather boring desert actually. But that's what happens when you get your expectations up too high - you really feel the down when you realize there will be no rolling hills of sand, but rather just endless rocks. I did rather like the flamingo-littered salt flats, but that just speaks once again to my penchant for anything that crystallizes, I suppose. I'm equally enthusiastic about rock candy and Swarovski.

And yes, those are alpaca skewers. No, I did not partake, because I am vegetarian and also I already tried a bite in Peru. It tasted kind of like beef.

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