mainz revisited

Old photos from a visit back to Mainz, my first German home, a few weeks ago. I was meeting an American friend who does crazy-impressive long-distance with her boyfriend in Karlsruhe, so she hopped the pond for spring break and I met her "halfway" to introduce her to schnitzel and my favorite Rococo cathedral (although, to be fair, the bus ride was probably about as long as her plane ride).

I had almost forgotten how much I loved living in Mainz - the weather is always lovely (at least relative to Berlin), the Rhein is always a skip, hop, and a run away, and I had a distinctly nicer apartment only a few blocks away from my favorite ice cream shop. There was, of course, the significant downside of it not being Berlin, but there could have been no better place to struggle through the German language and culture shock, and to make all those Spanish friends.

Anyways, it's nose to the grindstone again - one last exam and then I shall be rewarding myself with hopefully-not-failing with a trip to Brazil. (Thank you KLM for those crazy-cheap flights!)

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