hitting the road: ireland (brú na bóinne)

I've dreamed of visiting Morocco for some time now, and so I carved out and reserved 10 days of my *very last* (wahhhh) summer vacation especially for that purpose. Only to discover that it was somehow or another not plausible (how it was or was not now escapes me) and so we rerouted to Ireland. Which, if you're looking for an easily-accessible holiday from the mainland, is not a bad backup plan.

So, on our merry little student budgets, we set out dishing out for a car and insurance (which cost about as much as the car). Then we collected camping gear (no stove though = steady diet of bread, cheese, and fruit), practiced our humble tent-pitching routine, and set off on our merry way.

Day 1: Newgrange & Knowth
You travel with me, you better like rocks. I have an interest in prehistoric architecture* that drops off the radar for most of the year but resurges with a vengeance every time a holiday rolls around. I just can't get over the very many different realities that could have existed, and the very frustrating but addictive curiosity of which, if any, is the real one. Plus, what did their language sound like? Did any of them every imagine anything like my life? Nobody knows.

Anywho, these funky little tunnel mounds were engineered some 5,000 years ago by some prehistoric geniuses who probably didn't even have the unlimited supply of pens and trace paper that modern-day architects have to perfect their plans on. The big one lights up only for exactly six minutes on the winter solstice, meaning that they could also only have laid the groundwork during those six minutes each year. Patience was clearly more of a thing before the internet.

*My favorite is still Göbekli Tepe, thought to be the very first building built by mankind when we got sick of all that hunting and gathering and decided to build more permanent walls so we could better preserve our drawings of men with giant schlongs, or something.

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