mainz again

Most of this year has been a mad rush to get a never-ending stream of uni assignments in on time, but the last few weeks of summer I was free as a bird. Which meant: exploring! Starting with rediscovering my favorite places, like Mainz.

Mainz continues to hold a special place in my heart: it was my landing pad in Germany, where I went through all the initial difficulties of adapting to a culture that can be very guarded and difficult to decipher for silly Americans like me and kicked off my studies of the puzzle of a language that is German (even more difficult to crack than the people). This also made it, of course, a year of reflection and convoluted emotional cobwebs.

Now when I go back, it's just to visit old friends, favorite cafés, have a few beers on the water, and enjoy the sunny Rhein weather (so sorely lacking in Berlin). And take pictures, because everything looks gorgeous in that sunshine.

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