aran islands

Day 4 (Day Favorite): Aran Islands
There is a strike through that s because I would be lying if I said we visited more than one island. We should have visited more than one island.

Inis Mór (Inishmore) will always be our little island of summer, aka that time Ireland gave me a (mild) sunburn?! (Toto, are we even in Ireland anymore?!) The island can be reached by ferry from Rós a' Mhíl, where it turns out if you wander around looking lost enough some friendly Irish people will invite you to camp in their yard for free (church sideyard also available for the lost and tented), or Doolin, where you can camp for 20 Euros with 1-euro showers. Cute cafés though.

On the island itself, bike rentals are in high supply for those in any sort of shape at all, and boy does this island make for a glorious bike ride - highly recommended for efficient and breezy viewing of the cows and sheep and quaint houses and cliffs galore. In any case, no shortage of pretty in this place. Five stars.

P.S. Day 5: Galway (not pictured here)
Meh, unless partying with the tourists is your thing/you don't over-identify with the "I" in your Myers-Briggs type.

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