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am ende der welt berlin

I've somehow just managed to slice my foot open on my desk and am now observing bubbles of blood slowly blossom out of the cut, but never mind, good morning, all is well here. Let's get to the point so I can finish procrastinating in an efficient manner and return to my studies like a good little grad student.

Am Ende der Welt is a lovely little café in Mitte, but in the part of Mitte that borders dangerously on being labelled (my beloved) Moabit - i.e. don't try to walk here from Friedrichstraße. (Perhaps "the end of the world" is an apt name, then, if your world is Mitte.) The space is a bit on the bare side, but if you're looking for a chill corner to watch the sunset's golden rays play themselves out over raw walls and warm wood while sipping a pretty good cup of coffee, this is totally your jam. Probably best to go alone, as loud conversation would somehow seem out of place and you might want to avoid being judged by hipsters on the content thereof.

Back to nutella and bread and remnants of homework. In two short weeks I'll be on the beach, wondering if it is really necessary to return to Berlin's endless winter. Can I finish up my degree remotely? I should look into that.

Café Am Ende der Welt
Scharnhorstraße 5
Berlin Mitte (10115 Berlin)
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la alhambra

Oh yes, did I forget to mention - ? I went to Spain, too, to catch up with an old friend in the beautiful city of Granada, oh-so-popular for Erasmus students and hostel partiers who don't know how to sleep without air conditioning (clearly I'm holding a grudge). The holiday ended in torrents of snot and a cough that wouldn't kick it for nearly a month, screw you rude dorm-mates who kept turning the temperatures down to ungodly temperatures with little regard for the contagious coughing fits infecting the rest of us. But that's traveling on a budget for ya.

The Alhambra is definitely one of the most beautiful sites I've seen in a while, and I've seen it before, back in 2008 with the fam. But this time I went early in the morning, when the light was perfectly golden and the crowds were still sleeping in. It's hard to believe this was built around the same time as Machu Picchu and yet produced such an incomparable level of detail. Which reminds me - I wish my countrymen would stop hating on Muslims so much, because apart from most of them being lovely, normal people, it's embarrassingly reflective of the West's lack of education to say they come from "primitive, backwards societies" when they were pumping out stuff of this mathematical caliber back when the West was still in the Dark Ages. So SHUT UP DONALD TRUMP AND FOX NEWS, GAWD and I wish you all a lovely weekend.

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