phuket + khao sok

As usual, I am terribly occupied with something or other - in this case my Master's thesis. Hence how blogging has suddenly become a study break of sorts/last-resort procrastination tactic. Ironically, I've also procrastinated on blogging - these photos are from early January and it's nearly March.

I might have a problem.

It is always with a strange sense of pride that I extol Thailand's flawless beaches, even though most of my experience there has been in the big bad city. Unfortunately, many of the nicer ones are ridden with tourists (says the tourist), but if you're good at doing that photo overlay thing you can probably fool all your Facebook friends into thinking you were chilling in your own private tropical paradise (for that I recommend Puerto Rico, but seriously).

But here, I would like to encourage you all go hit up some national parks whenever you're floating through Thailand, as everyone inevitably seems to do these days. Khao Sok National Park is home to a million-year-old rainforest and this really cool (artificial, but shh) lake.

That's unfortunately it for today, folks - there's just so much I can't be bothered by lately. I actually find myself saying "I just can't be bothered" at least 3-6 times a day. Back to the books.

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