As I indulge in reminiscences of a well-traveled 2016 while #NoMuslimBan trends across the internet, I can't help but reflect, once again, with frustration and sadness at the inequalities I am complicit in with my passport privilege. I always try to think if I don't enjoy my privilege, who will? but it doesn't always effectively allay the guilt I feel while looking on at lives detained and families separated because of fear perpetuated by self-serving political interests. The horror is made worse armed with the knowledge that a few decades ago, due to similar policies that previously targeted Asians and others for their ethnic background*, I would not even have been allowed to exist due to the same racism-fueled fears and nationalist propaganda; we have not learned.

But voilá, I suppose, Copenhagen. It was October so cold AF, the wind whistling symphonies across the water. I suggest visiting in summer, and generally traveling as the citizen of a country that has screwed other countries over rather than vice versa - you'll have an easier time of it. It would seem that, although we like to believe we've made progress, it's still as grim a time as any to be American.

*See also the Chinese Exclusion Act.

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