stockholm syndrome

I caught Stockholm in the last sunny days of September and, as such, Stockholm caught me. City of everybody-could-be-a-fashion-blogger, fika (the Swedish version of high tea but with fancy-ass third-wave coffee) with cardamom rolls, and the entire cast and crew of Spotify, although that might just be the crowd I fell into.

In any case, this city can take me back anytime (although I'll withhold the right to re-evaluate if I ever visit in winter). It's not even quite as pricey as it's made out to be (or maybe just everybody I know uses Berlin as a measuring stick). A little boring, in that almost-too-perfect sort of way (even its edge is predictable), but I'm maybe reaching a point in my life where boring seems like its own brand of pleasant.

Recommended: Skogskyrkogården (a cookie for anyone who can pronounce that correctly on the first try), Rosendals Trädgård, the photography museum, staying at least a week if you've got the time.

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