day trip: hamburg

Back in early January, giddy off of the winter holidays, we decided to do as grown-ups do and organize ourselves a ladies' day trip to Hamburg. The day was, fortunately for us, sunny and, much more unfortunately, a$$-bitingly cold. But we made the best of it by popping in to as many shops and cafés we could find while meandering the city, which wasn't nearly enough to keep the chill out of our bones, but good company warms the soul or something so all in all the memories are fond.

Also, for anyone who doesn't follow me on Instagram, I live in San Francisco now. And as much as I hated the horror that are Berlin winters, watching northern Germany enjoy summer from here is just as big a bite in the a$$ as the cold that bone-chilling January day in Hamburg. But c'est la vie, and here's to new experiences!

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